• Because Giving Is Much More Rewarding Than Receiving

by Morgan Osman April 10, 2020

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” — Audrey Hepburn
Giving has always been a passion of mine. From the time I was a child, I was always awkward at receiving. I’m actually really shy, even though none of you would believe that. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been blessed to be able to afford to treat myself to some of the “finer things,“ and I want to give back!! If you have followed my journey on social media for almost 10 years now, you would see that I have spent a lot of time downtown LA on Skid Row, and I’ve donated many things to the Woman’s Shelter. I’ve personally spent hours handing out food, water and hygienic products. My heart breaks for the men and women suffering from severe mental health leading them to a life on the streets. I think so many people have a misconception that they must be drug addicts, or they must be bad people, but no one knows how they’re raised, what they struggle with internally, or what life events caused them to end up homeless. My mother was homeless for years, and I will dive quite deep into that one day. I think you guys get the picture now why this is so close to my heart. With all that being said, I can’t wait to give you guys some of the most luxurious things! The world moves so fast, and we don’t appreciate things as much as we should. I even have lost appreciation and should be much more grateful. I’m working on it.
Back to the point. Here is where you will find monthly, weekly and random daily giveaways....

In honor of my latest blog post of products I’m “Currently Obsessing Over” I’m giving away this luxury beauty box. One person will receive these fabulous full sized products. As a member you will automatically be entered to win Monday, May 17th. Good Luck!


Lesley From Michigan 


In Collaboration with Rafaello And Co we will be giving away a fine diamond piece of jewelry. Stay tuned for the details.
Check out his incredible jewelry here:


NAISHA FROLIO from New Jersey
ONGELL from Los Angeles 

This giveaway has been closed. There will be more amazing items to come soon. Very soon 

This giveaway has been closed. There will be more amazing items to come soon. Very soon 
The first and most exciting one is a BRAND NEW medium size CHANEL Boy Bag. The bag has the original tags, blue tape and Chanel authentication card inside. I will be shipping it free of charge in an original Chanel box wrapped with Chanel ribbon and the iconic Chanel flower. If you've gotten this far, you are already entered to WIN! When you became a member, your email was stored, and the winner will be notified by email.
The winner will be chosen Monday, April 20th and announced Tuesday, April 21st 2020. 
 That Bitch!

Morgan Osman
Morgan Osman